2021 Chinese New Year Holidays Notice – LHD PCB


January 25, 2021

2021 Chinese New Year Holidays Notice - LHD PCB


Dear Customers,


It is kindly informed that LHD Technology is scheduled for the Chinese New Year, and the holidays are from Feb.6 to Feb.20,2021. We will be back to work on Feb.6, 2020.


Base on our capacity and staff situation ,all orders received and EQs which reply after Jan.25 will not send before the holiday,we will arrange to produce them and send out after our holiday.


In order to provide our best services for you, please kindly help pre-arrange your requests in advance. If you have any emergencies during the holidays, please feel free to contact us at website.


We are sorry for any inconvenience it may occur. Should you have any enquiries,please feel free to email to info@lhd-pcb.com or contact your sales person.


On this occasion, we wish all you and your family a Happy and Success New Year 2021.



LHD Technology



Stone Shen

Stone Shen

Stone is the senior technical support and experienced sales engineer at LHD PCB, with more than twelve years of experience in the PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly industry. Served as an Engineering Manager for a Listed PCB company for eight years and has extensive experience in handling various large projects. Now worked as a sales engineer at LHD PCB and also provide product and technical services to different kinds of companies, rich experience in industrial control, the Internet of Things, medical, and new energy product projects.

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