Aluminum PCB

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Greater Mechanical Stability

Lightweight and Eco-friendly

Good Electrical Insulation


What is aluminum based circuit board

Aluminum substrate is a kind of metal base copper clad plate with excellent heat conductivity. Aluminum substrate is composed of three layers: copper foil, insulation layer and metal aluminum. The insulating layer material in the middle is the core technology, which mainly plays the function of bonding, insulation and heat conduction. The common aluminum substrate is mostly single layer, and double panels are used in high-end use cases. The structure of double-sided aluminum substrate is a circuit layer — insulation layer — aluminum base — insulation layer — circuit layer.

The surface of the power device is mounted on the circuit layer, and the heat generated during the operation of the device is rapidly transmitted to the metal base through the insulation layer, and then the heat is transferred by the metal base, so as to realize the heat dissipation of the device.

Working principle of aluminum based circuit board

Characteristics of aluminum based circuit board

It has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and machining properties, aluminum substrate compared with the traditional FR-4, using the same thickness, the same line width, aluminum substrate can carry higher current, aluminum substrate pressure up to 4500V, thermal conductivity greater than 2.0, in the industry to aluminum substrate based.

  • Surface mount technology (SMT);
  • Very effective treatment of thermal diffusion in circuit design;
  • Reduce product operating temperature, improve product power density and reliability, extend product service life;
  • Reduce product volume, reduce hardware and assembly costs;
  • Better mechanical durability than ceramic substrates.
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