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Full Box Build assembly is a full-fledged, standalone, or collaborative electronic product assembled from produced PCBs, electronic components, cables, parts, firmware, assemblies, and a closed housing or chassis. This is the ultimate goal of all printed circuit boards. It is designed by the customer or our company, and then manufactured, assembled, tested, inspected, and tested...Combining circuit, aesthetic, and industrial design, LHD provides full box build assembly for products designed by customers and companies. They include custom PCBs, housings, and connectors. This approach allows 100% flexibility. Our experts take care of BOM, CAD, and QA. Ensure efficient and reliable solutions.

Our Box Build Assembly Process

Preparation of materials and components for each process – e.g. PCBs, components, cables, screws, screws, connectors, housings, etc. as well as materials for small modules and power supplies. as well as some small modules and power supply materials, etc.

Material Preparation

Box building needs PCBs, ICs, connectors, and housings. We use the 0402, SMD, and THT parts. Our company ensures quality with SPI checks, ensuring reliable assembly. LHD helps users achieve high-quality box build assembly with these standards.


From SMT to final assembly, we use BGA, QFN, and LGA methods. Box build manufacturing involves precise soldering and AOI. Our team ensures each step meets IPC-A-610 Class 3 standards for high-performance electronics.


Initial inspection, ICT, and safety checks are vital. Our company uses 100% functional tests. They include FCT, burn-in tests, and ESS. This ensures products meet CE and RoHS standards. Box build manufacturing guarantees safety.


Custom labels and ESD-safe packaging protect products. Our company uses foam, bubble wrap, and antistatic bags. This ensures items arrive undamaged. We make sure the packaging is attractive. Delivery is fast and reliable, with tracking available. Our customer support handles all inquiries promptly.

The number of parts, complexity and production volume of the

product is a great test of the supplier’s management and coordination ability, which is also a criterion for evaluating whether the supplier can help the customer to complete the project.

Some industries that require or rely on the assembly of finished products:

Mechanical equipment

Box building helps tractors, excavators, and mixers. We have PLCs, CNC parts, and hydraulic systems. Our box build assembly provides availability and reliability, which improves productivity and results.

Consumer electronics

Box building charges phones, smart lights, and massagers. We incorporate Wi-Fi chips, SoCs, and LED screens, enhancing wireless connection and application in people’s daily activities.


It is very important to build boxes for servers, switches, and routers. We incorporate 5G modules, PoE technology, and fiber optics to guarantee efficient and efficient data transmission and networks.


Box building makes thermometers, ventilators, and ECGs. We employ MEMS sensors, MCUs, and LCDs and provide accurate measurements, improving patient care in healthcare.


Box building assembly drives snack machines, kiosks, and supply units. We incorporate RFID, touchscreens, and bill acceptors to enhance efficiency and user-friendliness in our vending solutions.


Box building enhances features of dash cams, radios, and HUDs. We incorporate GPS, LiDAR, and OLED displays in our cars thereby improving the driving experience of cars in today’s markets.


Material planning as well as design and preparation is the first step in the whole process. Manufacturers need to prepare everything before production, purchase and check all the components for reasonableness and correctness.

Details Include:

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs produced by LHD and PCBAs assembled with purchased components)

Cables, wires, flexible wires, shielded wires, connectors, etc.

Housings, racks, screws, nuts, screws and other fasteners

Sensors, antennas, metalizers

Labels, QR codes, boxes, documents

Assembly and test tools

A set of the most standardized and high-quality supporting production methods, strict quality control, to ensure that no parts will not be lost and delayed delivery, and can minimize the loss of these components and spare parts may come from suppliers around the world, logistics management and production supply chain management is the most critical.

Manage categorization – into most commonly used parts, expensive parts, special parts and also based on frequency of use.

Define categories and maximum inventory levels for each part

Trust us and choose us!

Supply chain management system and application allocation

Supplier Selection

Assess the qualification and capability of suppliers, and whether they have compliance and certificates of certification at national level or above

Selection of Critical Parts

prepare planB in time in case any uncertainty occurs

Plan Inventory

plan inventory requirements and lead times and prepare multiple quantities of components where possible.

Purchase Contract Confirmation

ensure that orders are placed immediately, strictly avoiding delays and expediting orders where possible

Supplier Stocking

select and optimize suppliers as close to the local area as reasonably possible.


selection of optimal transportation companies and routes, selection of optimal customs clearance modes for the customer, and perfect shipment within the rules.

Product Inspection And Optimization

The final audit is carried out by the entire test team and requires 100% full testing of each product.

Appearance Inspection

positionality, surfaces, logos, labels and specific appearance requirements.

Functional Calibration

testing the functionality of the product by manual skills or special equipment, with the possibility of upgrading in special cases.

Lifetime Testing

environmental testing through prolonged energization and pressurization.

Impact Testing

testing of the product's adaptability through impact testing under reasonable conditions.

Sound Testing

testing the decibel and sound levels during operation within the product

Lifetime Testing

environmental testing through prolonged energization and pressurization.

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, the product will be repaired, updated, debugged and corrected as quickly as possible.

To ensure that every indicator is correct and meets safety and functionality standards, ensuring that the product is perfect before dispatch.

Packaging And Transportation

After all the processes are completed, the products are assembled in the highest standard shipping boxes or in special boxes that can be customized according to the specificities of the product's appearance.
The above can greatly enhance the unboxing experience of the customer or user, as well as the adaptability and enjoyment of the product.The manufacturer's knowledge of the product makes the packaging perfect and allows for a quicker rollout, eliminating a lot of complicated steps.

To prevent any transportation damage or unpacking damage, to achieve 99.99% protection.

Protective coatings can be applied to special products, serial numbers or special certification labels can be added to the box.

Add foam, bubble wrap, air cushions and high quality cushioning inside the box.

Calculate the most reasonable packing method to save shipping costs or unnecessary expenses.

Quality Control And Reliability

The production of finished assemblies requires interlocking staffs, as well as institutional certifications and a high level of expertise.


ISO, UL, CE, IPC, Environmental Labeling and Protection, Low Carbon Product Certification... Reliable certification enhances the purchasing power of a product when judged by the public...


High precision and automated equipment and test tools, with strict control of the production staff, welding, assembly, test engineers.


with appropriate personnel to take responsibility for testing and managing supplier supplied parts and approvals.


Diversity testing through cross-product standards, high flexibility and scalability.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Customer-Centric Approach

Box building uses Arduino, FPGA, and I²C parts. Box build assembly makes special solutions. They help you with problems. This keeps everyone happy. We promise great service. Trust LHD-Pcb for reliable, efficient solutions.

Future-Ready Innovations

We use AI, IoT, and ML in box building. Box build assembly process loves new ideas. They make things green. This keeps us ahead. We build better products. That’s our future. Choose LHD-Pcb for advanced technology and sustainability.

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