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Your Trustworthy Electronic Manufacturing Service

LHD Technology has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, specializing in manufacturing PCB & PCBA, providing design, reverse engineering, components, and one-stop assembly services to help you solve all problems.

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Your Trustworthy Electronic Manufacturing Service

LHD Technology has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, specializing in manufacturing PCB & PCBA, providing design, reverse engineering, components, and one-stop assembly services to help you solve all problems.


We insist on higher quality than our peers to ensure product stability and reliability.

Service First

Service is the branch and leaf of LHD, serving customers in all aspects and never ending

Integrity Cooperation

Cooperate with customers based on the principles of integrity and transparency.


A full range of PCB, PCBA manufacturer in China

LHD-TECH is a professional PCB and PCBA manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, and we offer a full range of EMS manufacturing services

Company Service advantage

International certification: ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO13485, UL, ROHS

Customer Service

Customer Service

timely, accurate, quality service
Every link before, during and after sale
Customer recognition is our confidence base

Cost Efficiency

Cost Optimization

Automating production processes
Face the factory, remove the intermediate link
Mature supply chain management methods

Rapid response and delivery capabilities

Fast response and delivery cycle

dedicated service;
Mature O2C process;
Efficient processing management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

seven-step approach to strategic procurement
Supplier assessment
Strategic partner

Flexibility and customized services

Flexibility and customizatio

large, medium and small batches
Special materials and processes
Dedicated technical team

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

compliance with environmental regulations
Use of environmentally friendly materials and processes
Perfect sewage treatment system

Our Core Competencies

High-quality products are key to staying competitive. This includes the use of high-quality raw materials, precise manufacturing processes, and strict quality testing standards. Good quality control can reduce rework and improve customer satisfaction.

Continuous technological innovation capability is the key to maintaining long-term competitiveness. This may include the development of new manufacturing processes, the use of advanced production equipment, and the ability to handle more complex circuit designs.

Strong R&D capabilities not only drive technological innovation but also provide customized solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.

Industry Partners

About Us

In 2024, LHD Technology marked our 21st anniversary of providing high-quality PCB and PCBA service to the electronics industry. LHD has a professional team to offer flexible one-stop solutions for your PCBA projects, including PCB design, components procurement, PCB Assembly, Box building, and functional tests.
Over our 20+ years in business, we have successfully produced millions of PCBs and processed hundreds of thousands of orders. The electronic manufacturing service is truly a detail-intensive business that requires a huge commitment to quality, service, and delivery. LHD provides PCB and PCBA with high precision and has earned our company an excellent reputation for consistent quality, on-time delivery, and exceptional service.

Company Manufacturing Capacity

One-stop "turnkey" service


Design and layout


PCB Production


Parts Procurement






logistics and After-sales support

Electronic Manufacturing


7 automated SMT production lines, 52 million mounts per month (0.15 seconds/chip, 0.7 seconds /QFP)


Solder paste printer, SPI detector, automatic solder paste printer, 10-zone reflow, AOI, X-ray, baking machine, 3D printer, functional testing machine, coating protection


Acceptable board sizes range from 0.25 "x0.25" to 680 X 500 mm

PCB Board Printing


20,000 square meters, 500 employees, 24,000 square meters per month, $10 million per year

Product category

Rigid plate;Flexible plate;Metal plate; Soft and hard combination plate; High-density interconnection board; Radio frequency board; Onboard board

Plate material

FR-4 (Jiantao, Shengyi, Lianmao, South Asia, Taiguang Taiyao), high-frequency plate, Teflon plate, ceramic plate, Rogers, aluminum base, copper base, etc

Number of floors

1-68 floors

Max size



Full line automatic production, complete environmental protection system equipment

Provide value to customers, create value for the company, and allow yourself to give value


What Our Customers Say

I received the PCB today and the packaging looks perfect without any damage. During the cooperation, I communicated very well with the engineers. They were very professional and supportive in meeting my requirements. The price is very good and within my acceptable range. I am willing to do long-term business with them.
Veniamin Kuchak
Veniamin Kuchak
The PCB was received. The workmanship is good and the quality is good. There was no problem with the board test. The service is also very good. LHD Technology engineers were very professional and helped me solve all my problems. I did a good job confirming the product details during proofing. There are a lot of details that I overlooked. They can provide professional advice.
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev
LHD Tech has a knowledgeable team. Their team is very professional, and very good in terms of communication and product quality. This is a complex PCB with fine-pitched BGA chips. I've always been concerned about quality, but the LHS team has proven that their performance is top-notch.
This is a very pleasant thing. After we deliver the Gerber files. The supplier was quick to review and offer a great price. Their delivery time was very fast and I appreciate their professional team. This is a very good supplier and we will continue to order more items. Looking forward to long-term cooperation
Sebastien Droulers
Sebastien Droulers

Enterprise's Goal

Improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and maintain product quality.
Expand the market and serve global technology companies
Adhere to the concept of environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving, all products are environmentally friendly

corporate vision: To become the world’s outstanding one-stop PCBA manufacturer, serve customers from the most professional perspective and complete every commission with heart. Continuously innovate and develop continuously to become an enterprise that employees are proud of.

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