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December 4, 2020

What is Surface Mount Technology?

SMT is a surface mounted technology, which is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry.

It is a kind of surface assembly components without leads or short leads (SMC/SMD for short, chip components in Chinese) mounted on the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) or the surface of other substrates. Reflow soldering or dip soldering and other methods to solder and assemble circuit assembly technology.

Process composition

Printing (red glue/solder paste) –> Inspection (optional AOI automatic or visual inspection) –> Mounting (first paste small devices and then paste large devices: divided into high-speed placement and integrated circuit placement) – >Inspection (optional AOI optical/visual inspection)–>Welding (using hot air reflow soldering for soldering)–> Inspection (can be divided into AOI optical inspection appearance and functional test inspection)–> Maintenance (tool: welding Table and hot-air desoldering station, etc.) –> board splitting (manual or splitting machine for cutting boards)

The process flow is simplified as: printing——-patch——-welding——-overhaul

LHD Technology’s PCBA Quality Control Process

PCBA Quality Control Process


Stone Shen

Stone Shen

Stone is the senior technical support and experienced sales engineer at LHD PCB, with more than twelve years of experience in the PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly industry. Served as an Engineering Manager for a Listed PCB company for eight years and has extensive experience in handling various large projects. Now worked as a sales engineer at LHD PCB and also provide product and technical services to different kinds of companies, rich experience in industrial control, the Internet of Things, medical, and new energy product projects.

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