5 Pointers to choose a pcb manufacturer


May 5, 2021


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are vital in the electronics and home appliance industries. PCB collects the electronic components of the product using conductive products usually etched on the “non-conductive” substrate.


1. First, please check if the manufacturer is well-known in the industry. Ask relevant questions, such as – how long have you been working? Who are your customers? How many batches?

A company that has been around for a long time will never shy away from providing references. They will also try their best to convince new customers and potential customers. You can also check their website to find more details.

2. Check the price. Not surprisingly, there are reliable manufacturers that can provide low-cost circuit boards without compromising quality. They also make sure to provide their customers with fast delivery as required.

However, be careful when choosing services, as some quality standards must be met. Check whether the company concerned has the required certificates, which may be different in some countries/regions.

3.Know their customers. As mentioned earlier, you need to understand the industries and customers the company serves.

4.Don’t neglect customer service, which is very important when ordering PCB. You need manufacturers around you to answer questions or concerns, and deal with them quickly and accurately.

5.Can they handle specific requirements? PCB requirements may be different, so you need a team that can meet different production needs. They must be willing to take on production challenges. Just claiming one thing is not enough.




Stone Shen

Stone Shen

Stone is the senior technical support and experienced sales engineer at LHD PCB, with more than twelve years of experience in the PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly industry. Served as an Engineering Manager for a Listed PCB company for eight years and has extensive experience in handling various large projects. Now worked as a sales engineer at LHD PCB and also provide product and technical services to different kinds of companies, rich experience in industrial control, the Internet of Things, medical, and new energy product projects.

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