Why do you need to produce the prototype board first?


May 5, 2024

What’s the PCB prototype board?

The PCB prototype board refers to the testing prototype board before mass production. It is mostly used by electronic design engineers to produce small batch test production to the PCB factory after designing the PCB and completing the DRC analysis of the PCB, this is the process of PCB prototype board.

prototype board

There is commonly no limit on the production quantity of PCB prototype board. Generally, PCB design engineers call it prototype board proofing before the product design is confirmed and tested.

Now the Printed Circuit Board is more complex and difficult than before, it has more different processing technology and requirements. So the PCB design engineers need to ensure the design is right and easy to produce in the factory, then put it to the right PCB supplier to produce the mass production, or it will bring expensive processing fees and higher scrap in the factory. Whether it’s for a small personal project or a large project for commercial equipment, a PCB prototype board is necessary.

Why do you need to produce the prototype board at first?

1. The PCB prototype board can judge the production capabilities of PCB manufacturers

Making the PCB prototype board before mass production can help you to know more about the PCB factory that you want to cooperate with. The actual level of PCB production capabilities of PCB manufacturers can be determined through prototype boards. Only PCB manufacturers with comparable capabilities that can meet normal IPC 6012 standard requirements in processing capabilities can better meet the customer’s long-term cooperation and high-quality processing and production of PCB boards.

prototype board 22. PCB prototype board can reduce the defective rate of mass productions

Normally the PCB order is a large quantity to manufacture and assemble, the PCB prototype board is necessary before mass production. To ensure that mass production is produced smoothly without quality problems and reduces the defective rate, it is very necessary to make a PCB prototype board before mass production. After all, the manufacturing of PCB boards requires a complicated processing step, and no errors can occur in each process step or processing link. The PCB manufacturer such as LHD PCB will help to do DFM before starting the prototype board. LHD PCB will check all these areas where errors are likely to occur that PCB design engineers are generally concerned about including minimum line width, line spacing (line gap), minimum inner and outer diameters of via holes, line width, and character height of silk screen characters, etc. Then we will let you know whether it is ok, LHD PCB will send EQs to you if some areas are hard to process in the factory. If all things ok, LHD PCB will produce the PCB prototype board soon and send it to customers. After a successful PCB prototype board, professional engineers will do effective tests on the samples. After passing various professional tests, the PCB sample can be ensured Ok. Then it can be mass-produced.

3. PCB prototype board can lay the foundation for future mass productions

PCB prototype board is also to understand the performance and functional response of new products in advance. PCB prototype board can effectively lay a good foundation for future mass production. Calculating the Fr4 sheet material costs can also optimize deficiencies in advance. All of these can be obtained after the PCB prototype board or when manufacturing the prototype board. Only by effectively processing every step can reduce the occurrence of various unprepared problems during mass production.

So the PCB must do the prototype board, it is a necessary and very important step.


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