What are Printed circuit boards?


May 1, 2024

printed circuit boardsPrinted circuit boards have bare boards and PCBA, what is the difference between them, PCBA is PCB assembly, is a circuit board with components, it has actual functions. So you will know PCB just is bare PCB without any components. PCB is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board, also known as circuit board or circuit board. PCB is a basic material that supports the installation and electrical connections of electronic components. It is used to provide mechanical and electrical support and connections in electronic devices and circuits. In summary, the PCBA is a finished board, and the PCB is a bare board.

Types of Printed Circuit Boards(PCBs)

  • Classification based on Copper Clad Laminate: Based on the use of Copper Clad Laminate, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are classified into rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex PCBs.
  • Layer-based classification: Based on the number of layers, printed circuit boards are divided into single-layer/single-sided PCBs, double-layer/double-sided PCBs, and multilayer printed circuit boards.
  • Material-based classification: Depending on the material used for construction, PCBs can be divided into FR4 PCBs and metal core PCBs.

Equipment in different application scenarios will require suitable materials to make PCBs, and our materials are branded and quality-guaranteed.

printed circuit boards(1)The importance of PCB in the field of electronics

PCB is an indispensable part of electronic products. It is said to be the core part of the entire product. Any product that emits light and sounds requires PCB. PCB is widely used in various fields such as communications, medicine, aviation, national defense, computers, and consumer electronics. PCB plays a role in connecting all functions in the entire electronic product. Therefore, when the function of an electronic product fails, the first suspect is often the PCB. Because the processing technology of PCB is relatively complex, the production control of PCB is particularly strict and important. Printed circuit boards are such critical components, so it is important to choose a reliable supplier.

LHD capacity of Printed circuit boards

  • Has 20 years of experience serving 10000+ innovative companies or institutes worldwide, such as Siemens, MI, Dahua, HIKVision, etc. LHD is capable of 30 layers, with HDI PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Multi-layer PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High-frequency PCB, and High-speed PCB, which are made from a wide range of top-brand laminates, e.g. Rogers, Shengyi. For PCBA, We have our own strict quality inspection system, the items will be sent to customers only if they meet the shipping standards., we also have a professional engineers team, according to the needs of customers to carry out programming testing, functional testing, finished product testing, can help you save at least half of the project time.
  • Our labor costs will be lower than overseas, and to a certain extent, we can help customers save time and cost, we have 2 year warranty time for PCBA, and if there is a need for guidance in the use of the process, there is a special person to follow up after-sales, our sales team will respond to customers in the first time, reply to the message within 30 minutes at the latest, our tenet is customer first, quality is first. Choosing LHD will give you a satisfactory answer.


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