The Uniqueness of PCB Solution


January 14, 2022


PCB solution plays a major role in PCB design. As a design engineer or buyer, finding competitively priced PCBs, high quality, and interconnect solutions of your product can be a challenge. With 15+ years of experience in PCB technology, LHD Technology offers the most cost-effective and innovative solution for your project.

Besides PCB manufacturing, we offer customer support to ensure that the whole process aligns with your expectations.

Prototype PCBs

PCB prototyping has become vital in the electronic design process in today’s industries. With changes in market requirements, R& D expectations, and so on, PCB prototyping is essential to success. The wide PCB and prototyping technology range of products includes a prototype circuit board, development equipment, chemicals, and tools.

Multilayer PCBs

The onset of multilayer PCBs started with the appearance of the SMD population. They are available in various places as long as electronics are included. That ranges from aircraft, motorcycles, storage power stations, photovoltaic, and much more.

LHD Technology produces PCB solution as required from individual prototypes to mass production. You can contact us to get the number of layers available.

High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs

With an increase in smaller devices, it’s also important to save space for electronic devices. High-Density Interconnect Boards enable you to decrease the number of layers in the board. It is made possible by increasing the circuitry density on each layer.  For many years now, our team has pit focused on HDI technology.

With this technology, you can place components on each other and small parts closer together.

Why LHD Technology PCB Solution 


We take control of all costs, including raw material cost, assembly cost, components cost, transportation cost, and package cost. We also recommend the fastest yet favorable transportation mode for you.

Also, we have a material inventory advantage because of our long-term experience in the industry and in-depth cooperation with material suppliers.  To avoid project delay, you can select any of our materials for the design. If none meets what you need, we provide suggestions on material selection to cut costs.

Cost solution

Our professional support and superior execution make it the best in the industry. We will pair our engineers with your PCB designer to ensure that the whole procedure is successful and of highly reliable design.

Besides that, we are financially stable, with enough staff to handle our PCB solution. All our investments are to ensure there is improved efficiency in all departments.

PCB Customization

LHD Technology offers a custom PCB board. Once we receive the PCB files, we check all requirements. If there is no problem, we start quotation. When you’re okay with the price, we will begin producing a custom PCB board.

We can guarantee that all our processing technology meets or may even exceed your expectations. All you have to do is send us RFQ files and live the rest. But you will be involved in all processes.

LHD Technology remains to offer high-quality PCB solution to customers. You can complete our form or send us your RFQs for more information.


Stone Shen

Stone Shen

Stone is the senior technical support and experienced sales engineer at LHD PCB, with more than twelve years of experience in the PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly industry. Served as an Engineering Manager for a Listed PCB company for eight years and has extensive experience in handling various large projects. Now worked as a sales engineer at LHD PCB and also provide product and technical services to different kinds of companies, rich experience in industrial control, the Internet of Things, medical, and new energy product projects.

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