Highly Technical And Managerial PCBA Test


April 24, 2024

PCBA TESTPre-assembly PCBA Test

  • PCB: The PCB is tested for short circuits or any technical problems through test points.
  • Components: Before assembly, each component is tested to see if its parameters are the same as those in the BOM if its package is the same, and if it is damaged or unusable.
  • Bitmap: Check whether there is any deviation between the silk-screened bitmap on the circuit board and the BOM.

PCBA TEST(1)PCBA Test After Assembly

  1. Appearance: mainly check the appearance of the PCBA whether there is wear and tear or any non-compliance with the requirements of the situation, such as whether there is bad welding, components whether there are reverse assembly components, and leakage of the assembly of the situation
  2. Function: through the equipment on the PCBA test, power, increase the signal, detect whether it can be expected to carry out normal work, and the use of probes to test the input and output ports, the voltage volt is normal, sometimes customers provide special test methods we will also add additional test items
  3. Electrical testing: In the case of having a schematic diagram, we will carry out PCBA testing to test all the components of the product, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors, whether the normal range and provide analysis of whether it meets the design requirements.
  4. FCT (Function testing): This is for the software burn-in products, there will be a corresponding reaction after power on, the customer to provide the reaction that will be generated after power on will be by the standards of each test, and is the full number of tests, to ensure that each piece is capable of use!
  5. Aging test: We add the voltage and current under the same environment and simulate the user’s input and output for a long time to test the durability and reliability of the product.

Importance of PCBA Testing

PCBA is one of the core components of all products, and its quality can directly affect the use of the entire product, quality, and even product profits. Any error is very difficult to accept, so the PCBA Test after the completion of assembly will be an indispensable process in all production processes. In terms of production, the PCBA Test can help customers identify potential problems, which can be of great help in the subsequent update or design.


We treat PCBA TEST with the attitude of not letting go of any defective products, because of this attitude we have established a perfect supplier system, from hardware testing to software testing, and the final product testing, there is a complete set of systems, the shortest testing time, the most efficient testing methods, and the most professional testers.

PCBA testing is one of the most important and fastest final production processes to detect errors in all production processes, from very many angles, or to detect the functionality, practicality, and reasonableness of the product in all aspects.

Whether it is the appearance, hardware, solid parts, wires, software or even the whole set of products have a system of testing methods.

The reason why PCBA test can occupy a very important position is that from the beginning of PCB production, as well as BOM testing, material procurement, material testing, and soldering, to assemble PCBA, there are many production processes, this time it is necessary to the high management system of companies and factories for the PCBA test for the product of high-tech testing, to ensure that all the products are 100% Perfect.


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