Surface Mount PCB Technology Process


March 30, 2024

What is the Surface Mount PCB?

Surface mount PCB is a technology that installs the electronic components on the Printed Circuit Board surface directly. Compared to traditional DIP assembly technology, surface mount PCB has high precision and production efficiency. Through surface mount pcb technology, it reduces the printed circuit board’s volume, improves the printed circuit board’s function and reliability

Surface Mount PCB Process

Surface mount PCB mainly includes the following process flows:

1. Print/Solder:

First, we need to print the tin on the stencil, then use the stencil to print the tin on the printed circuit board surface. In this process, we need to ensure the tin has covered all pads on the PCB. To prepare for the components assembly.

Surface mount PCB 22. Install electronic components on printed circuit board:

PCB assembly includes 2 processes, the first process is SMT, and we need to put all SMD components on the high-precision assembly equipment, debugging equipment based on coordinate files. Then start the assembly. After assembling SMD components, we need to check the components whether connect well on the PCB.
The second process is DIP, after installing SMD components we need to install DIP components, which means we need to insert all DIP components into PCB holes. Then solder tin to strengthen the connection handle.

3. Reflow soldering:

Solder the electronic components on the printed circuit board surface through reflow soldering, to let the components connect well on the PCB, and form reliable solder joints.

4. Cleaning:

After the assembly of SMD and DIP components, there will be some tin on the side of the PCB surface, so we need to clean the tin and other dirty things. If we don’t do this clean, the tin may move and affect the board function, it may cause short circuits or other issues. So we must do this step, to ensure the product is 100% perfect.

Surface mount PCBAdvantage of Surface Mount PCB

High-precision and high function: Surface mount PCB can achieve a high component precision, so each printed circuit board can bear more different types of components, improving the PCB’s function.
Production efficiency and cost-effectiveness: Compared to traditional DIP assembly technology, surface mount PCBs have a high level of automation, production efficiency is very high, and costs are lower.
Electromagnetic compatibility: Surface mount PCB technology can reduce the electromagnetic interference on the PCB, and also improve the electromagnetic compatibility of the assembly equipment.

Surface Mount PCB’s Application in Different Fields

Communication field: Surface mount PCB is widely used in mobile phones, communication devices, electronic products, home applications, etc. Surface mount PCB is widely used, it takes more small and high-efficiency circuit design.
Medical device: Medical devices have a high standard of the printed circuit board’s reliability, surface mount PCB can provide a more stable and reliable one-stop solution.
Industrial control: Industrial control devices need a reliable functional printed circuit board, and surface mount PCB technology to meet these requirements.


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