Factors to consider when ordering pcba before Christmas and our Chinese New Year Holiday


November 25, 2020




This year is an abnormal year, as our Chinese NEW YEAR holiday is coming up soon,air freight capacity is still low, COVID-19 increasing in worldwide,the PCB material and components is hard to get hold of ,that will affect the printed circuit board and pcba projects delivery time .


Especially our factory got many pcba projects orders (smart home device, welding machine ,IOT equipment  pcba projects increase rapidly these two month),assembly Production line is busy now,If you place the order earlier ,that means you will get the order from us more earlier.


So it is very important to provide pcb and pcba projects forecasts and advance planning.


Since Our Chinese New Year is a nationwide holiday ,every one will back to hometown and to celebrate the festival. Our production line will stop but our professional pcb and pcba sales team will work at home to help you deal with the quotation and some engineering question .


There are some important point we hope all our customers to look into:

1.Pcb and pcba Samples and prototypes require additional 1 week lead time

2.Pcb and pcba volume require additional 2 weeks lead time

You could tell us earlier for the forecast of the year increase your chances of normal lead times .


Due to limited international flights and low capacity, the global air cargo industry still faces challenges. Since there are longer queues waiting for customs clearance before boarding, the transit time will also increase. Due to the global COVID-19 epidemic, all logistics providers of air cargo will temporarily charge emergency surcharges. General air freight prices will continue to rise from the fourth quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.


Printed circuit board material situation


US defense demand increased in the DuPont material market, and production capacity was tight due to the impact of Covid-19 and hurricane Laura at the end of August, and now the global shortage of DuPont materials such as Pyralux Associated Press and the delivery time exceeded 3 months.


Cause of the Fr4 material,surface treatment material , copper ball material are going up in price.


So far, the delivery lead time of FR4 laminates is stable, but the special thickness and higher Tg will require additional lead time.


As the price of gold continues to rise, this has put pressure to PCB manufacturers. We expect that if this situation continues, prices is rise unceasing, as well as laminate prices and labor costs.


Therefore, it is important to make more plans for your PCB and pcba needs than normal. Providing a full-year forecast allows us to reserve the required materials and production capacity and avoid a long delivery cycle. When planning ahead, it also allows us to propose and qualify alternative materials under optional circumstances.


By the way, please pay much attention to the health, hope everything goes well with worldwide customers. Please kindly take care of yourself and your family.


Stone Shen

Stone Shen

Stone is the senior technical support and experienced sales engineer at LHD PCB, with more than twelve years of experience in the PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly industry. Served as an Engineering Manager for a Listed PCB company for eight years and has extensive experience in handling various large projects. Now worked as a sales engineer at LHD PCB and also provide product and technical services to different kinds of companies, rich experience in industrial control, the Internet of Things, medical, and new energy product projects.

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