How can We Find a Good PCB Manufacturer in China


June 2, 2020

When speak of the topic, most people think that it will be so easy but actually not. By inputting produce name searching by google, tons of Chinese manufacturers will catch yours eyes. However, you still think it is so difficult to find a capable and reliable one. Below are some practical tips to find a reliable Chinese PCB supplier for you. 

1. Narrow down the list of suppliers you want to work with to a manageable amount.
At this stage, you may already know what your real needs are and what is available. Initiate contact with the suppliers you want to work with, and further develop relationships with them
2. Seek real manufacturer instead of middle man
It will be so helpful at cost and quality control. Through several aspects of the investigation on the detail’s information on the website, quotation, email address which will be not difficult to figure out.
3. Certificate
To check if the company name on certificates matching with their company name, also can judge if are real factory
if have complete certificates—UL, ISO9001,IS014001,TS16949
4. Teamwork
Reliable quality of PCB must be from the factory with good management and close teamwork. As we know, PCB production are complex and many details work to do. A small detail may cause the whole batch of products to be defective
How can a factory with poor management fabricate the products meeting the requirement?
5. Facilities
To fabricate high density PCB, which need up-to-date machines. Ask the supplier to provide their equipment list to check if they have main fabrication facilities. It is better in n person visiting them.
6. Contact window
By the 1st window if you feel their excellent service? Fast and high-efficient response? She or he has a strong desire to do business with you?
If you feel fine, it is 1st step to further kick off with them.


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