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PCB Design
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Provide one-stop service from circuit board design to manufacturing for famous enterprises at home and abroad
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Senior Layout Engineer
More than 10 years of professional design experience, providing solutions from design to manufacturing.
Difficult Design Experience
Good at high density, ATE, hard and soft board, etc.; More than 2000 orders of PCB design experience per year.
High Quality Management System
The standardized design management system, strict inspection, and checks at all levels to ensure that the rate of non-conformity is zero, has been well-received by many customers.

PCB Design Flow


The PCB design is below:




PCB Design & Layout Schematic Diagram

PCB Design

PCB design is based on circuit schematic diagram to achieve the functions required by circuit designers. Printed circuit board design mainly refers to layout design, need to consider the layout of external connections. Optimal layout of internal electronic components. Optimum layout of metal connection and through hole, electromagnetic protection, heat dissipation and other factors. Excellent layout design can save production costs, achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation performance.

Design capacity

Max layer count
Max panel-size
Min line

Min line

Min via hole

control requirements

3mil 3mil 4mil 0.2mm OK
PCB Design
PCB Design
Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram

A schematic diagram showing the principle of connection between devices on a circuit board. In the forward research such as program development, the role of schematic diagram is very important, and the checking of schematic diagram is also related to the quality and even life of the whole project.


Design Advantage

Free PCB packaging construction for customers (customer provided Dataset)
 Free PCB impedance calculation, laminate design, QA inspection, process inspection, EMC inspection
Delivery Period
Innovative morning and evening shift work mode, making full use of online and parallel job splitting tasks to ensure design delivery- Set up a project special discussion group, engineers ensure real-time communication, progress follow-up, ensure project progress
The design provided is not only simple layout, but also considers electrical performance, such as timing requirements, signal quality Volume, signal matching scheme, topology, signal reflow, power supply decoupling, signal impedance and stack control.
Combine rich design experience: fully realize manufacturability design, reduce design duplication and rework. Professional "PCB Design Specification", "Quality Standard", "PCB Standard Library".
Provides an optimized solution throughout the process, fully evaluating design and manufacturability, maximizing board cost for customers-Consider for the convenience of customer debugging, consider post-welding and other issues, reduce unnecessary welding trouble for customers.
After Sale
At the end of the design, the PCB board is quickly quoted in advance, which really shortens the product cycle. Customer proofing back to the debugging process, any doubt, our engineers continue to cooperate with debugging.
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