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Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-flex is a complicated product. The thin layered flexible bottom layer and the rigid bottom layer are cleverly designed and joined together into a single component to form a printed circuit board. 
  Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB Advantages
 1. Survive high levels of shock and vibration
 2. Survive hundreds of thousands of flex cycles
 3. Reduce package weight
 4. Increase circuit density
 5. Decrease necessary assembly operations

Rigid-Flex PCB Applications

 Rigid flex boards are extremely versatile and can be tailored to applications across a wide range of industries. They are highly suitable for military, aerospace, and medical devices, but they can also be implemented towards certain commercial products.

LHD will make this innovation according to the requirements of our customers and the expertise of our engineers. Achieve three-dimensional assembly, saving assembly space and making electronic products smaller and lighter.
Please contact LHDPCB at any time if you need further information or assistance, we are happy to help you. 
Rigid-Flex PCB - Technical specification
Number of layers 2-18L
Technology highlights Mixed materials including RF and high speed, standard FR-4, polyimide Flex. Adhesive less or adhesive based polyimide flex
Constructions, with cover coat or flexible solder mask materials
Bending performance Bend radius controls the flexibility of the flex portion of the board. The thinner the material the lower the bend radius and the
More flexible the flex section.
Materials RA's copper, HTE copper, FR-4, polyimide, adhesive
Copper weights (finished) 18-70um 
Minimum track and gap 0.075 mm / 0.075 mm
PCB thickness 0.3 mm to 5 mm
PCB thickness in flex section 0.05 mm to 0.8 mm
Maximum dimensions 450 mm  to 600 mm
Surface finishes available ENIG, OSP Immersion tin, Immersion silver
Minimum mechanical drill 0.2 mm drilled (0.15 mm finished)

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