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printed circuit board fabrication
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Our products

Full range of PCB manufacturing and assembly services to meet your customized products demands and design criteria.

Multi-layer PCB

Layer count: 0-32L, 34L QTA, 40L Advanced
FR4 materialstandard, halogen free, high performance including ShengYi, King board
Finished board thickness0.2-6.0mm
Cu weight I/OL (finished):  0.5ounce -12ounce 
Minimum track and gap: 0.075 mm/0.075 mm
HDI/Buried - blind via1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3, 4+N+4, any layer in R&D
Special Process: Impedance control, Copper filled PTH/BVH, Control depth PTH slots
Quality: IPC class 2/class 3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949

Rigid-Flex PCB

Layer count: 4-16L
Flex Materials: RA copper, HTE copper, Dupont FR & AP, ShengYi SF305, Thinflex, adhesive
Finished board thickness: 0.4 mm to 3 mm
Cu's weight on flex area: ½ ounce, 1 ounce
Minimum track and gap: 0.075 mm / 0.075 mm
Surface finishes available: ENIG, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver
Rigid-flex with HDI: 1+N+1, 2+N+2
Quality: IPC class 2/class 3

Flexible PCB

Layer count1 - 6L
Flex Materials: RA/THE copper, Polyester, Dupont FR & AP, ShengYi SF305, Thinflex, adhesive
Finished board thickness: 0.05 mm - 0.80 mm
Cu weight I/OL (finished): 18μm - 70μm
Minimum track and gap: 0.075 mm / 0.075 mm
Surface finishes available: OSP, ENIG, Immersion tin, Electrolytic gold, Gold fingers
Quality: IPC class 2/class 3

Build time: 2days-5weeks


Layer count: 1 - 4L
IMS Materials: Aluminium base, Copper base, thermal dielectrics.
Finished board thickness: 0.40mm - 3.20mm
Cu weight I/OL (finished): 35μm - 140μm
Surface finishes available: HASL, LF HASL, OSP, ENIG, Imersion tin, Immsersion silver
Thermal conductivity: 1-4 W/m/K  
supporting sectors: including automotive, medical, aerospace,
Lighting applications and industrial controls. 
Quality: IPC class 2/class 3
Let's work together to open the door for mutual benefit.
We can provide all your required PCB, such as single or double-sided board, multi-layer boards, rigid-flexible board, HDI boards, PCB Assembly, meet IPC class 2 and IPC class 3 requirements.special specification like heavy copper, blind via, countersink, gold fingers etc.

We are committed to continuously reduce cost and transfer as low prices to our customers, and keeping the products at high quality level, advanced PCB manufacturing equipment and Large production capacity let us have advantage to produce middle-volume and  high-volume PCB.

PCB Production Process

PCB production is a complicated process that requires many steps. When you purchase PCB from LHD, we will strictly control the quality of the products and give you a perfect product. 
Typical Flow Chart For Single Sided Boards:
LHDPCB provides you with fast PCB prototyping and small batch production
LHDPCB has been in the industry for 14 years and LHDPCB is proud to be one of the leading suppliers of PCB prototyping and small batch production. Complete PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly with perfect manufacturing and after-sales service. To create greater profits for customers is our service aim!

The following is the PCB order delivery schedule:

Number of layers Min. sample delivery
Regular sample delivery
Mass production fastest delivery 
Mass production standard delivery 
2 1        3 3 7-8
4 2       6 6 10-12
6 3       7 5 12-15
8 4       8 6 15-18
10 6       8 8 16-18










12-30 Need check the Gerber and fabrication requirements

Why buy from us 

We are professional multi layer high technology PCB manufacturer from China, dedicated to provide  the best valuable PCB with high quality and competitive price.

Professional PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

Since 2005, Linghangda Technology has become a global leader in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs). From rapid PCB prototyping, board manufacturing, and PCB assembly. We have professional engineers to serve you.

Quality Commitment

ISO9001 certification, UL certification, ISO14001 certification, and TS16949 automotive quality management system certification. All the circuit boards will be tested well before being shipped out.

Timely Online Quote

We have a full-time staff to provide you with quick quotes, and our pricing is transparent without any hidden costs.

No Minimum Requirements

We provide you with high quality PCB prototype and assembly services. You can minimum order is 5 pieces. We won't let you pay for things you don't need.

On-Time Shipping

Every order from LHDPCB will be delivered on time according to the advance delivery time, and 99% of our delivery is on time. We have a variety of delivery methods, you can choose other courier services such as DHL.

Timely Sales Service

Whenever you encounter any problems, you can always contact our customer service staff, we will respond to your emails and messages in a timely manner. Regardless of the size of your order, we will have a dedicated customer service to answer your questions until you are satisfied.

Our Cooperative Partner

We have Won high recognition and praise from customers, welcome to join us.


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LHD PCB package is very good, professional packaging.

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LHD PCB is one of my favorite manufacturers. The price is also good.
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Discount price. Quality is guaranteed and trustworthy.

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I had a good communication with the engineers in the early stage, and the final product made me very satisfied.
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The product is great.

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