Custom cable assembly manufacturers

Reduce Your Production by 50%

  • Cable assemblies are integral to the production of countless products ranging from home electronics to industrial equipment. As an one-stop electronic service provider, LHD Technology offers turnkey services to reduce your prototype and PCB build time by 50%.
  • Serving manufacturers of medical devices, aerospace components, telecommunications, industrial and engineering equipment, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, we can fulfill your most challenging requirements in any industry. Customers all over the world rely on our efficient custom cable assembly services to reduce cost and production time.
  • Our skilled and experienced team works with you to integrate the right connectors, components and cables for enhanced product performance and product reliability. By only utilizing the best practices for custom cable assemblies, our teams can reduce prototype development time and the need for rework while providing feasibility assessments of your prototypes, maximizing cost-efficiency.

Our Custom Cable Assembly Products Include:

Discrete-Wire Cable Assemblies
  • Offer a wide range of cable assembly product families that deliver high reliability, with options that include discrete wire, overmolded, sealed and high-power cable assemblies
Overmolded Cable Assemblies
  • A wide range of product families that deliver high reliability, with options that include discrete wire, sealed and high-power cable assemblies
Expresslink Data Cables
  • Data Cables that reach speeds of up to USB 2.0, to integrate a variety of different Molex connectors and are available for small passable footprints and optimized performance
Sealed Cable Assemblies
  • Designed for customers who need to protect their end products from high humidity, moisture or submersion conditions to maintain function and electrical continuity
Wire Harnesses
  • Multiple breakouts and a range of power connectors, sensors, brackets and many different wire-bundling options, provide convenient one-stop shop for complete connectivity solutions.
High-Power Cable Assemblies
  • Provides complete High-Power Cable Assemblies to help OEMs reduce costs associated with tooling and ease design requirements.
Temperature Sensor Cable Assemblies
  • Available in a variety of beta values, resistances, lengths and temperature ranges for a diverse group of applications.
Ribbon Cable Assemblies
  • A wide range of cable assembly product families that deliver high quality and reliability. Options beyond ribbon cable assemblies include discrete wire, overmolded, sealed, wire harness and high-power cable assemblies.
Off-the-Shelf Cable Assemblies
  • A broad offering of Molex connectors and a variety of cable lengths to facilitate both prototyping and global production.
Off-the-Shelf Pre-Crimped Leads
  • A simple and cost-effective solution for any pre-production and prototype requirements.

About LHD Technology

Professional PCB and PCBA Manufacturer Service Provider
  • LHD Technology is an experienced ITAR Certified electronics manufacturer, specializing in quick-turn PCB design, prototype and production assembly. LHD’s experts ensure product reliability and accuracy by performing thorough inspections and tests, using state-of-the-art equipment in our ESD-controlled facility. LHD Technology provides proactive communication with all product-involved teams throughout the manufacturing process, procurement of quality components from trusted supply chain partners and a thorough understanding of Industry Standards and custom manufacturing requirements.
  • LHD Technology enables firms of all sizes to improve their production cycle while reducing manufacturing time and costs by providing an array of turnkey manufacturing services to meet the unique requirements throughout all phases of your product’s life-cycle.