BOX build assembly design manufacturer

LHD PCB&PCBA Manufacturer not only could design PCB and PCBA but also could design Box build assembly.

  • We have full experience to design Box build assembly according to your mind.Now we have design Box build assembly many different field such as USB equipment project,Air purifiers equipment,Auto machine,Keyboard etc..
  • Example for Air purifiers
  • Example for USB project
  • To acheive PCBA function excellent performance.
  • Also we welcome customers provide their technical drawing to us.We could design and puting PCB and PBA location in to according to your techical drawing.
  • The technical drawing means you need to show the box appearance and inside location structure.Every corner could show size and interval data that we could know how to build the PCBA puting into box inside space to acheive function.
  • LHD PCB&PCBA Manufacturer now is no only specializing in PCB and PCB assembly.We more attention customer’s deeply demand by themselves.To provide the true one stop service for customers.Now we provide PCB design,PCB fabricate,PCB assembly,PCBA design,components procurement,finished product and product solution.