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PCB Assembly Advanced Capabilities

SMT Lines 9 Lines
Capacity 52 million placements per month
Max Board Size 680X500mm Smallest:0.25"x0.25"
Min Component size 0201–, longconnector,CSP,BGA,QFP
Speed 0.15sec/chip, 0.7sec/QFP
Wave-Solder Max.PCB width:450mm
Min.PCB width:nolimited
Component height:Top 120mm / Bot 15mm
Sweat-Solder Metal type:part,whole,inlay,sidestep
Metal material:Copper,Aluminum
Surface Finish:platingAu,platingsliver,platingSn
Air bladder rate:less than20%
Press-fit Press range:0-50KN
Max.PCB size:800X600mm
Quantity No MOQ, Prototype & Low Volume PCB Assembly, And mass assembly
Type of Assembly SMT and Thru-hole
Solder Type Water Soluble Solder Paste, Leaded and Lead-Free
Components Passives Down to 0201 Size BGA and VFBGA Leadless Chip Carrier/CSP  Double-Sided SMT Assembly Fine Pitch to 08 Mil BGA Repair and Reball Part  Removal and Replacement-Same Day Service
File Formats Bill of Materials, Gerber Files,Pick-N-Place File(XYRS)
Type of Service Turn-Key,Partial Turn-Key or Consignment
Component Cut Tape, TubeReels Loose,Parts
Turn Time Same Day Service to 15 day service
Testing XRAY Inspection,AOI Testing,ICT,Probeflying,burn-in,functiontest,temperature cycling.

One Stop Solution-From Design to Assembly

Why choose PCB Assembly /EMS Service from LHD Technology 

LHD PCB Assembly Service including not limited as below:


·One Stop Solution
·All types of assembly technologies are offered
·Component Sourcing
·Manual assembly and wave soldering are offered
·Able to mount parts of all standard sizes (BGA, uBGA, Flip Chips, CSP, Connectors )
·Defective fraction is lower than 0.15 %
·Low to Medium volume production
·Cable & Harnesses Assembly
·Special mounting solutions include: coating,programming, draining,varnish cover, marking
·Electro Mechanical/Box Build Assembly
·Rapid Prototype
·Electrical & Electronic Maintenance & Repair
·Board layout from a customer supplied schematic diagram
·Various testing method will be applied to the assembled boards before the final shipment(Visual inspection,X-ray Inspection,AOITesting,ICT,Functional test)

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