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What is One-Stop Service of PCBA


One Stop also known as “Turnkey” PCB/PCBA service is a complete solution, include DFM Checking, PCB Fabrication, Electrical Testing, Parts Procurement, PCB Assembly, Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)



Raw material cost from PCB,  components cost, assembly cost, package cost, especially the transportation cost, all the cost are within our control. We will also recommend you the most favorable and fastest mode of transportation for you to choose.



We will send WIP everyday so that you can see the progress of the project more clearly. And there will be a specified person to follow up each of the projects.
This process of one-stop PCB service also simplifies the on-site audit process, sometimes as an option that would otherwise be too costly or demanding.


Delivery time/Lead time

Turnkey PCB services can often reduce lead times simply because communication is easier, but this is certainly not the only reason for reducing lead times for one-stop PCB services.
We always ensure that part procurement occurs simultaneously with PCB manufacturing and that all parts arrive at our production facility before the bare PCB is completed.This way, we always have bare boards ready to start everything on PCB assembly, and we don't have to deal with downtime.



Each of our incoming links will have professional quality personnel for quality testing. We will assign a project for your order who will continue throughout the production process.



We provide an online order tracking system for all customers, which will be updated daily according to the status of your ongoing project. If you have any other questions, you can contact our responsible personnel at any time.
Can make you from the order to the final delivery of all the process is always informed.

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