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HDI - High Density Interconnect PCB

HDI PCB designs can include finer lines and spaces, smaller via sand capture pads, and higher pad density. High density PCB have blind via sand buried via sand typically contain microorganisms having a diameter of 0.006 or less.

HDI PCB Advantages
HDI PCB are widely used to reduce the weight and overall size of the product and improve the electrical performance of the device. LHD has built HDI boards for more than 5 years. Our factory has extensive experience in producing HDI boards for different market applications.

HDI Applications
HDI PCB is suitable for a wide range of industries. For example, smartphones and tablets. You can also find high-density interconnect PCB in cars, airplanes and other electronics-related vehicles.

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HDI PCB - Technical specification

Number of layers 4 –14 layers standard, 18 layers advanced
Technology highlights Multi-layer boards with a higher connection pad density than standard boards, with finer lines/spaces, smaller via
Holes and capture pads allowing microbial to only penetrate select layers and also be placed in surface pads.
HDI builds 1+n+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3
Materials FR-4 high performance, Halogen-free FR-4, Rogers 4350B
Copper weights (finished) 18um – 70um
PCB thickness 0.40 mm – 3.20 mm
Maximum dimensions 600 mm x 450 mm; dependent upon laser drilling machine
Surface finishes available OSP, ENIG, EESPIG, HAL, LFH ASL Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Electroplate gold, Gold Fingers
Minimum mechanical drill 0.15 mm
Minimum laser drill 0.10 mm standard, 0.075 mm advanced

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