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Provide one-stop service from circuit board design to manufacturing for famous enterprises at home and abroad
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    Basal INFO
    Company name  Huizhou Ling Hang DA Technology Co., Ltd
    Company Address 26 3rd-Road Mei Yuan Zhou Ji Industry Park Luo Yang Town Bo Luo Country
    Corporate representative Shi Lin Jiang Contact Phone Number  0752-6267168 
    Environmental Protection Officer Zhong Xiu Fang Contact Phone Number   0752-6267168 
    Production Business scope Production Single, Double, Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards
    License number 4413002010224001 Industry type Printed Circuit Boards
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    Drain contamination
    Water pollutants
    Drain Outlet Number WS-00291
    Discharge Direction Liao Dong Port→Contry Sewage Process →Dong Jiang River
    Emission Implementation Standards GB21900-2008 Sewage Treatment Standards
    Contaminants Name Nickel PH COD Copper NH3/N (CN)2 P
     Sewage thickening (mg/L) 0.5 9 80 0.5 15 1 1
    Wastewater discharge Valune  
    Atmosphere contamination
    Sewage Outlet Number FQ-0644、FQ-03175、FQ-03176
    Emission Implementation Standards GB21900-2008
    Contaminants Name N/O2 F (CN)2 H2SO4 H2CrO4 Cl2  
     Sewage thickening(mg/L) 30 7 0.5 30 0.05 30  
    Emission Way From Discharge Of Company Equipment Of Environmental Protection

Emergency plan for emergency environmental incidents

Shenzhen Linghangda Electronics Co, Ltd. Emergency Environmental Emergency Plan Record Number:SZZD2013
LHD Technology Co., Ltd. 

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