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What' X-out PCB and LHD Tech's Standard

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An X-out is when one of the individual boards on the array does not pass the test and is marked out with a marker. Some customers will allow a certain percentage of X outs on the order, while others may require there be No X-outs on any of the arrays. By having No X-outs, it will make the board cost a little more since we need to make a larger number of arrays in order to meet the order requirements depending on our yields.

The X-out  standard  of LHD tech for normal board is max 10% per panel and X-out panels allowed on max 10% of the delivered panels.

That's mean NO X-out allowed for panel  4/P and less than 4/P, one X-out allowed for panel with 5/P~10/P, 2 X-out allowed for 11/P~20/P, 3 X-out allowed for 21/P~30/P.

When the panel is 30+/P, we need review how to control the X-out.

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